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These items are discardable by clicking on the "discard" link under the item in your inventory. Note that even without an obvious discard link, any item that is not a quest item and which is not indicated as "Cannot be discarded" can be discarded through remote form submission.

  • Normal discarding message:
You discard your <item name>.
  • Attempting to discard something not in inventory:
You don't have the item you're trying to discard.
  • Attempting to discard something which may not be discarded:
That item cannot be discarded.

Discarding is the only way to get rid of certain useless items, such as fistsful of ashes. Discarding is also key to getting two trophies:

Easy Come Easy Go
Need to discard a pretty flower.
Need to discard three banana peels and wait for the Schadenfreude adventure to occur after each.