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Banjos are 2-handed ranged weapons. Of the 6 that exist, half of them are only useful for Disco Bandits. They could be used to solve the stone mariachi puzzle.

Banjo-Specific Hit Messages:

You grin and pick out a tune on your banjo. The resultant sound waves deal X damage to your opponent. SOCKO! WHAMMO! BOINK!
You grin, shuffle your feet, and pick out a ditty on your banjo. <It> covers his ears, but is unable to avoid taking X damage from the aforementioned ditty. BIFF! SOCKO! WHACK!
You pick out a ditty on your banjo. <It> winces, suffering X damage. SOCKO! WHAMMO! WHACK!
You pick out a wicked little ditty on your banjo. Your opponent attempts to duel you, but fails, sustaining X damage. BOINK! SOCKO! SPLAT!

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