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Axes, are 2-handed melee weapons. They are best used by those who would muscle in on their opponents.

Axe-Specific Hit Messages:

With one swift blow, you cleave <its> skull, dealing X damage. ZAP! SMACK! BOINK!
You axe <it> a question. Namely, "would you like to be hit for X damage?" Apparently, the answer is "yes." ZOT! SPLAT! SOCKO!
You axe <it> a question. Specifically, "What does it feel like to have just been hit for X damage?" POW! SOCKO! SOCKO!
You make a dumb joke centered around the phrase "and my axe," and then hit <it> with your <axe> for X damage. BONK! BOINK! SOCKO!
You use your <axe> to give <it> a cloven foot, dealing X damage in the process. POW! WHACK! ZOT!


  • "And my axe" is a reference to a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring, where as the members of the Fellowship offer their support to Frodo, Gimli delivers the (much-parodied) line "And my axe!"