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Monster ID 1090
Locations Domed City of Grimacia
Hit Points 75% of Defense
Attack Player's Buffed Moxie + 8 (cap 450)
Defense Player's Buffed Muscle + 8 (cap 450)
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum horror
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts claw, head, paw, tail
elven medi-pack, lunar isotope, lunar isotope
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
cat-alien You're fighting a cat-alien

This is a cat whose DNA has been fused with alien DNA from a comet that hit the moons. As if a cat weren't bad-tempered and dangerous enough, now it's got two sets of freaky-sharp teeth.

Hit Message(s):

It bites your <knee> with its secondary set of jaws. It's a smaller wound than it would have been, but it hurts just as bad. Ouch! Ugh! Argh!

It coughs up a hairball on you. Given that its saliva is corrosive acid, it's painful as well as gross. Ugh! Ugh! Ooh!

It leaps at your face and scratches you with its needle-sharp claws. You're not sure if that was the cat part talking, or the alien part. Ugh! Ooh! Argh!

It rolls over for you to rub its belly, then when you do, it bites your hand. Cats, man. Ow! Ouch! Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

It leaps onto your head, latches on with all four sets of claws, and gnaws on your scalp with both sets of teeth. Ooh! Argh!

Miss Message(s):

It coughs up a hairball, and has the nerve to look proud, like, "look what I did!"

It takes a little catnap instead of attacking this round.

It hisses at you, but you hiss back, which startles it for a second.

It bumps its head against your hand and purrs.

Fumble Message:

It goes off and kills an elf, then brings back the heart as a trophy. Again, are we dealing with the alien DNA or the cat DNA here? (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Isotope.gifYou acquire an item: lunar isotope (? chance)*
Isotope.gifYou acquire an item: lunar isotope (? chance)*
Medipack.gifYou acquire an item: elven medi-pack (? chance)*

Occurs at Domed City of Grimacia.