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This is a cast of thousands. Thousands of tortured souls, that is. This thing has probably been cast into the Lake of Fire once or twice.

Type: combat / usable item
Selling Price: 32 Meat.

Restores 25-35 HP

(In-game plural: casts)
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Item number: 474
Description ID: 150615628
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Obtained From

The Dark Elbow of the Woods
L imp
The Deep Fat Friars' Gate
L imp
The Shore
Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort
A Lucky Break
The Heap
I Refuse!
moist barrel

When Used

  • From inventory:
You put the cast on one of your limbs, which is evidently broken. It makes it feel better almost instantly.
HPYou gain 15-20 hit points.
  • In combat:
You somehow find time to apply the cast to one of your broken limbs. Aaaaaaaah.
HPYou gain 25-35 hit points.


  • Its information may be a reference to both Cast of Thousands, an album by British experimental group Elbow, and the Meat Puppets' song Lake of Fire.


  • This item used to heal 15-20 HP both in and out of combat, before the description and in-combat effect was changed to 25-35 HP (perhaps with the release of the Shrine to the Barrel god).

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