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This page discusses a defunct game mechanic. It has never been in use and was withdrawn before it was ever implemented.

Carrying Capacity refers to the maximum number of items you could carry in your inventory, back during the days when Jick planned to limit inventory sizes. Containers were originally designed to give players more space when the limit was imposed. There was, for many years, an equipment slot for containers, but almost no items could actually be placed into it. This was because early on, it was decided that limited carrying capacity was a bad idea, and the idea was dropped during a semi-open discussion stage without ever being implemented (many people already had many more items than the limited inventory sizes would have supported). The original three container items - Mr. Container, the hemp backpack, and the Newbiesport™ backpack - were devised but never released; however, some of them were created as a result of arbitrary item-creation bugs (or item-duplication bugs, once the originals had been hacked into existence) and still exist in the game, although they are extremely rare. Because carrying capacity was never implemented, these items were entirely useless until February 12, 2006, when enchantments that slightly increased item drops or meat drops were added to them. A custom container item, the Radio KoL Coffee Mug, was created around this time and given to KolMohDee. A fifth container-type item - the TΤ◊lisman of Baiø‡ - was introduced into the game in April of 2010, as a drop from the Baby Bugged Bugbear familiar, which could be purchased from Mr. Store. It has two effects that cancel each other out, so it essentially does nothing.

Containers were officially removed from the game on June 28, 2012. With the exception of the Radio KoL Coffee Mug, which became an accessory, all of the containers were folded into the newly-created back item slot.

Container Capacity

Item Type Capacity Enchantment
Original Current Original Final
Mr. Container container back item 1000 3 +3% Item Drops from Monsters
hemp backpack container back item 300 2 +2% Item Drops from Monsters
Newbiesport™ backpack container back item 100 1 +1% Item Drops from Monsters
Radio KoL Coffee Mug container accessory 0 200
TΤ◊lisman of Baiø‡ container back item 200 200
  • Monsters will be more attracted to you
  • Monsters will be less attracted to you

Bonus Carrying Capacity

Item Type Enchantment
Original Current Original Current
box-in-the-box-in-the-box accessory off-hand item Carrying Capacity +70 +3% Meat from Monsters
box-in-the-box accessory off-hand item Carrying Capacity +50 +2% Meat from Monsters
box accessory off-hand item Carrying Capacity +30 +1% Meat from Monsters
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