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"What's up, doc?" The fact that this isn't that kind of carrot, that's what's up. Nor is it the kind you use to gauge the quality of gold. It's the kind editors use to tell authors where they can stick it.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 65 Meat.

Guarantees that your next regular attack will Critically Hit

(In-game plural: carets)
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Item number: 3730
Description ID: 479750225
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Obtained From

The Valley of Rof L'm Fao
Anime Smiley (pickpocket only)

When Used

You place the caret next to the most vulnerable part of your opponent. Now you'll know exactly where to insert your weapon!
  • After using a caret, but before attacking:
You don't need to use the caret -- you know exactly where to stick it!


  • Causes the next attack in the same combat to be a critical hit.
  • Even if other actions are taken between using a caret and attacking, the attack will still be critical.
  • Does not affect spells.


  • "What's up, doc?" is the traditional greeting of Bugs Bunny, typically said while chewing on a carrot, which this item isn't.
  • It's also not a carat/karat, which is used to measure the purity of gold.
  • Carets are also used by editors to show authors where to insert copy changes.
  • Telling someone "where to stick it" is a common method of brushing someone off in a crass manner.
  • Its effect is possibly a a pun on the exclamation "Crit!", or sometimes "Cuh-rit!", which could also be misinterpreted as a mispronunciation of "Caret".

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