Cardboard wakizashi

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cardboard wakizashi
cardboard wakizashi

This is a cardboard wakizashi. It's like a cardboard katana, only shorter and used mainly for parrying. Cardboard parrying.

Type: weapon (1-handed sword)
Damage: 6 - 12
Muscle Required: 15
Selling Price: 65 Meat.

Damage Reduction: 4

(In-game plural: cardboard wakizashis)
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Item number: 1921
Description ID: 416618046
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Obtained From

The Haunted Bathroom
toilet papergeist



  • At some point on or before October 2, 2014, this item had its 2 Damage Reduction changed. It also had a Damage range of 3 to 6 and had an autosell of 35, but did not require any stats to wield.


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