Carbohydrate Cudgel

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Carbohydrate Cudgel

Carbohydrate Cudgel

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 30

This spell converts a bundle of dry noodles into a massive club and obliterates your enemies with it.

Source: The Machine (with Seal Clubber and Pastamancer in chambers)
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Consume one dry noodles and kill non-boss monster
When Used:
You toss a bundle of dry noodles into the air and telekinetically form them into a massive club, with which you then telekinetically obliterate your foe. There is nothing left but a stain on the ground.

When used against a boss or other special monster:

You toss a bundle of dry noodles into the air and telekinetically form them into a massive club, with which you then telekinetically clobber your foe, dealing X damage.


  • Insta-kills the opponent, except for bosses and certain special monsters. You get stats, but no items or meat. This includes items that normally have a 100% drop rate and quest items.
    • However, you can still get special post-combat items, like those from the crate.
    • Prior to January 15 2014, using this skill would also prevent bounty items from dropping.
  • This skill does not auto-kill tower monsters.
  • If used on a monster that reflects spells:
    Monster-specific reflection message
    HPYou lose ?226? hit points.
    HPYou lose ?23? hit points.


  • Some time around October 27, 2014 this skill became classified as a spell.
Dreadsylvanian Class-Crossed Skills - edit
Dv skullcap.gif Accordion Thief Disco Bandit Sauceror Pastamancer Turtle Tamer
Seal Clubber Song of the North
10 Adv, 100 MP
weapon dmg +100%, cold damage +50
Grab a Cold One
1/day summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Cold One
(???-quality booze)
combat skill, 25 MP
hot melee group damage
Carbohydrate Cudgel
combat skill, 30 MP
kill monster with dry noodles
Club Earth
combat skill, 50 MP
melee damage + 1 round stun
Turtle Tamer Song of Slowness
10 Adv, 100 MP
+50% initiative
Conspiratorial Whispers
combat skill, 25 MP
damage + delevel every round
does not cost combat round
combat skill, 30 MP, Prevent damage & deal ~80 hot dmg
combat skill, 35 MP
Spooky and physical damage, with multiround decay
Pastamancer Song of Starch
10 Adv, 100 MP
+50% max HP
Shadow Noodles
combat skill, 30 MP, 3-5 round stun + 8-10 delevel
Spaghetti Breakfast
1/day summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Spaghetti breakfast
(???-quality food)
Sauceror Song of Sauce
10 Adv, 100 MP
+100% spell dmg, +50 hot dmg, +50 dmg to hot spells
combat skill, 30 MP
heals ~55 dmg
does not cost combat round
Disco Bandit Song of Bravado
10 Adv, 100 MP
+15% all attributes