Canopic jar

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canopic jar
canopic jar

This is a canopic jar -- a container used to preserve the organs of mummified people. It was rendered largely obsolete by the invention of the jaropic can, but some people still use them, just out of stubbornness.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 87 Meat.

(In-game plural: canopic jars)
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Item number: 2536
Description ID: 402083452
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Obtained From

The Upper Chamber
tomb servant
The Middle Chamber
tomb servant

When Used

You pry the lid off of the canopic jar and dump out the canopic contents.
Disease.gifYou acquire an item: ancient spice (49.5% chance)*


Scpowder.gifYou acquire an item: powdered organs (49.5% chance)*

or (Rarely):

Ankh.gifYou acquire an item: Ankh of Badahnkadh (1% chance)*


  • You get exactly 1 item from any given jar.


  • The connection between this item and A Small Pyramid is a reference to the ancient Egyptians, who placed the organs of pharaohs in jars and other containers because it was believed that the pharaohs would need them when making the journey to the afterlife.


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