Cannelloni Cannon

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Cannelloni Cannon

Cannelloni Cannon

Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 8

This spell allows you to summon and then fire a cannon made of cannelloni and stuffed with all manner of deadly substances.

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 750 Meat
Class: Pastamancer
Level: 4
Effect: Deals (16-32)+floor(0.25*Mys) damage, hard capped at 50.
When Used:
You summon a massive cannelloni cannon and fire it at your opponent. It blasts <him> with <something>, dealing X damage.


  • Bringing Up the Rear doubles the damage cap to 100 for Pastamancers with an active Pasta Thrall.
  • This spell will invoke a cannelloni cannon filled with something, dealing elemental or physical damage. There are several spells for each type of damage. Examples:
    • Hot
      • bonfires
      • burning coals
      • scalding coffee
      • sizzling bacon grease
      • sterno
      • toaster ovens
    • Cold
      • baseball-sized hailstones
      • freon
      • frozen chickens
      • ice cubes
      • grape popsicles
      • sorbet
    • Spooky
      • chattering teeth
      • creepy little girls
      • plague rats
      • spiders
      • spooky noises
    • Stench
      • ammonia
      • moldy cheese
      • paint thinner
      • raw sewage
      • sewer gas
    • Sleaze
      • awkwardness
      • distastefulness
      • foul language
      • perversion
      • pin-ups
    • Physical
      • broken glass
      • bullets
      • rusty ball bearings
      • switchblades
      • toenail clippings
  • During fights with multiple opponents (like the Irritating Series of Random Encounters), the spell hits 2 opponents, doubling the damage, with the text:
You summon a massive cannelloni cannon and fire it at your opponents. It blasts <two / both> of them with <something>, dealing X damage.


  • April 10, 2008 was Pastamancer Appreciation Day. This spell was changed from eXtreme Ray of Something.
  • For a short time after the initial change, this skill was named "Cannoli Cannon".
  • On August 5, 2009, the cost was reduced from 7 MP to 6 MP.
  • Prior to the Pastamancer/Sauceror dual-revamp on November 14, 2013, this skill had a few differences:
    MP cost was 6
    It dealt (8-16)+(0.15*Mys) damage, where Mys was capped at 134
    There was no hard cap
    Untyped bonus damage to this spell was capped at +40 for Pastamancers and +35 for other classes.
    Typed bonus spell damage (e.g. +X Damage to Hot Spells) was not included in this cap.
    If your bonus spell damage exceeded this cap, you got the message:
Your arms hurt from the force of the shot.