Cane-mail shirt

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cane-mail shirt
cane-mail shirt

This is a festive red and white peppermint shirt. Combine it with a mask and a big bag, and you'll look like you just robbed an F. A. O. Schwarz.

Type: shirt
Power: 100
Selling Price: 500 Meat.

+25% Candy Drops from Monsters
+20 to Monster Level
+15% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: cane-mail shirts)
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Item number: 5405
Description ID: 437592748
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Asterisk.gif 15 peppermint sprouts
Equals.gif cane-mail shirt


  • Attempting to multi-use the 15 Peppermint sprouts without Torso Awaregness yields the response "You try to figure out how to make something out of 15 peppermint sprouts, but you just can't do it."
  • Pulverizes into candycaine powder.

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