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Candy Hearts may be acquired by characters using the skill Summon Candy Heart, which in turn is acquired by using the Libram of Candy Heart Summoning. When used, each heart gives 10 adventures of its specific colored heart effect.

Summonable Candy Hearts

Candy HeartEffect
Candyheart.gif Each Candy Heart All Attributes +3

white candy heart white candy heart Heart of White +1 Stat Per Fight, +1 Familiar Experience Per Fight
pink candy heart pink candy heart Heart of Pink +20% Meat from Monsters
orange candy heart orange candy heart Heart of Orange +5 Hot Effects, +5 Damage to Hot Effects,
+5-6 MP & +5-6 HP Per Adventure
lavender candy heart lavender candy heart Heart of Lavender +10% Items from Monsters
yellow candy heart yellow candy heart Heart of Yellow +20% Combat Initiative
green candy heart green candy heart Heart of Green +3 Familiar Weight
black candy heart black candy heart Heart of Black Nothing, not even +3 to all stats
(obtained from Summon Hilarious Objects rather than Summon Candy Heart)

Sending Candy Hearts

By using the [send] command in the inventory, players can write a brief message (two lines of up to five characters each) on the candy heart and send it to another player (or oneself):

top portion of heart
left portion of heart
right portion of heart
bottom portion of heart

Players can only use the following characters:

space ! " # $ & ' ( ) * + , - . /
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ?
@ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
P Q R S T U V W X Y Z \ ^ _

Random Messages

As the "Send Somebody a Candy Heart" page states, if you don't specify a message, a random one will be written on the heart. The following is a list of random candy-heart messages.

  • HUGS / PLZ
  • ITS A / TRAP!
  • KMAIL / ME
  • LESS / THAN3
  • ZERG / RUSH!


  • Initially, candy hearts could not be sent to players in Hardcore or Ronin; candygrams were added for each heart on February 3rd, 2007, to address this.
  • When sent to someone who has ignored you, it says "You can't use this item on somebody whose ignore list you're on. On somebody on whose ignore list you are."
  • When sending a black candy heart, the message will read "DAMN / GINA" regardless of what message you try to attach.


  • The BMINE / 4FISH is a specific reference to the stereotypical behaviors of noobs. See Lamz0r N00b, bottom-most reference.
  • The BDGER / MSHRM message is a reference to the famous Badger Badger Badger flash animation, which is about badgers and mushrooms.
  • The ITS A / TRAP! message refers to a quote from the character Admiral Ackbar in the movie Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This quote, stating the obvious when the rebels are attacked in an ambush, has become an internet meme as an image macro.
  • The LESS / THAN3 refers to the heart-shaped emoticon <3.
  • The ORLY? / YARLY references the popular internet image macro featuring a snowy owl and the phrases "O RLY?" and "YA RLY".
  • The ZERG / RUSH! refers to the Zergling rush tactic from the real time strategy video game StarCraft.
  • The ZOMG / KWAII refers to the Japanese word for cute "Kawaii".
  • DAMN / GINA is a catchphrase of Martin Lawrence in his show Martin, and has been flogged to death as an in-game running gag from the Black Knight.