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A white Canadian every day keeps a man healthy and Canadian, eh?

Make you feel more Canadian

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Effect number: 106
Description ID: 8a3629f6e6d964a3e491b3a393348a46
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Obtained from


  • When you speak in chat with this effect, there is a 10% chance of your message being affected by this effect, and becoming a 'Canadian message'.
  • Canadian messages have all instances of "out" changed to "oot" (including when part of a word like "about" to "aboot").
  • Canadian messages always have ", eh?" added to the end, unless the original message ended with a question mark (in which case the ending is not changed, but "oot"s are still added)
  • When the original message ended with a period (.) or exclamation point (!), the Canadian message will remove the period/exclamation point before adding the ", eh?" to the end.

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