Can of black paint

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can of black paint
can of black paint

This is a can of black paint. It's got lead in it, though, so it can't be sold in normal stores because of safety regulations. Stupid kids and their wall candy.

Type: potion
Effect: Red Door Syndrome (10 Adventures)So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: cans of black paint)
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Item number: 2327
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Obtained From

The Black Market (1,000 Meat)
Way of the Surprising Fist challenge path
Wu Tang the Betrayer

When Used

You cover yourself from head to toe in the black paint.
Blackpaint.gifYou acquire an effect: Red Door Syndrome
(duration: 10 Adventures)
Your teachings forbid the use of black paint.



  • Lead-based paints, despite improved performance, were discovered to be extremely toxic, and one myth is that the most common cause of poisoning was eating leaded paint chips. The most common way children were exposed to lead was probably from ingestion of lead dust dislodged from deteriorated paint or during remodeling.
  • "Wall Candy" is a reference to the October 18, 1999 Penny Arcade comic, which is in itself a reference to a Chris Farley quote from the movie Tommy Boy.
  • The correlation between black paint and red doors refers to the song Paint It, Black by The Rolling Stones: "I see a red door and I want it painted black" and "I see my red door I must have it painted black."


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