Can Has Cyborger

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Can Has Cyborger

Can Has Cyborger

Your nanobots have altered your appearance to make you look like an adorable kitten. You can get up to all sorts of mischief now, and people will just think it's cute.

Moxie +10%

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Effect number: 471
Description ID: 898ea611ee833bd133e04b393203e416
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Obtained From


  • Also changes various combat text to Lolcat.
  • While under the effect:
    • At the beginning of combat, you'll either see the message "The Jump: you gets it." or "No Jump. Not for you."
    • If you take damage, instead of the usual message you will see the ouches and ows randomly replaced with "HALP".
    • Instead of "You gain X Meat", you'll see "You gets X Meets".
    • "Is it can be wins tiem now plees?" sometimes replaces "You win the fight!".
    • Items that drop will display the message: "O hai, I made dis for you: (item)"
      • Items which drop in quantity will instead display: "O hai, I made dese for you: (# items)"
      • This will not trigger if the item is pickpocketed
    • Some items that do not drop will display "INVISIBLE (ITEM)"
    • Any substats gained will appear as "muskewlairtees", "mistikkaltees", and "mawksees".
    • When eating food, the normal eating text is replaced with "Om nom nom nom."
  • The image is actually just the center of the ancient vinyl coin purse.
  • Apart from the Moxie bonus, this effect is identical to O Hai!.


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