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Mushroom/Rock Garden details
Your campground may contain A Pumpkin Patch, A Peppermint Patch, A Bone Garden, A Beer Garden, A Winter Garden, A Thanksgarden, Tall Grass, Your Mushroom Garden or Your Rock Garden. Only Your Rock Garden is available under Standard restrictions.


Allows you to harvest 3 distinct plots, each growing independently from the others.

Days Plot 1 Plot 2 Plot 3
1 groveling gravel
(desert exploration)
whet stone
(+1 adventure from next food)
2 2 groveling gravel 2 milestone 2 whet stones
3 3 groveling gravel 3 milestone 3 whet stones
4 fruity pebble
(30 adventures of All Rainbow-y)
bolder boulder
(delevels next 11 enemies)
hard rock
(2x stats from next booze)
5 2 fruity pebbles 2 bolder boulders 2 hard rocks
6 3 fruity pebbles 3 bolder boulders 3 hard rocks
7 lodestone
(5 adventures of Loded, 1/day)
molehill mountain
(fight a moleman, 1/day)
strange stalagmite
(stat boost, 1/day)


Visiting Your Mushroom Garden initiates a (free) combat encounter with a piranha plant, which drops pollen and sometimes a familiar hatchling. After defeating it, you can pick the mushroom or use the plant's remains to fertilize it, making it grow larger on subsequent days.

Days Fertilized Gives When Used
1 free-range mushroom 3 mushroom filet
2 plump free-range mushroom 3 mushroom filet + 1 free-range mushroom
3 bulky free-range mushroom 3 mushroom filet + 1 plump free-range mushroom
4 giant free-range mushroom 1 mushroom slab + 1 bulky free-range mushroom
5 immense free-range mushroom 1 mushroom slab + 1 giant free-range mushroom
11 colossal free-range mushroom 1 house-sized mushroom + 1 immense free-range mushroom

Mushroom filets may be eaten directly, cooked into mushroom tea, or cocktailcrafted into mushroom whiskey. Mushroom slabs can become parts of an outfit, although they are all marked as quest items and will be lost upon ascension.

Tall Grass

Source of Pokéfams during a Pocket Familiars challenge path run. Each patch of grass produces one Pokéfam hatchling.


Outside a challenge path run, each patch of grass produces either familiar equipment or a Pokéberry; very rarely, a Mu hatchling may appear instead.

Berry Experiential (granted by every berry)
Berry Effect
Berry2.gif Egnaro berry Restores 50% of max MP
Berry4.gif Glum berry Cures negative status effects
Berry5.gif Jamocha berry Berry Thorny, weapon damage and stinging damage
Berry8.gif Keese berry Berry Defensive, +100 DA and +10 DR
Berry3.gif Nadsat berry Berry Critical, +30% chance of critical hit
Berry1.gif Sitrep berry Restores 75% of max HP
Berry7.gif Snarf berry Berry Statistical, +100% to mainstat and +66% to offstats
Berry6.gif Tapioc berry Berry Elemental, +1 resist to all elements

Leaving the grass alone for 8 days produces Very Tall Grass, which spawns one of the handful of Pokéfam hatchlings available even outside the challenge path (46-50). Additionally drops Poké-Gro fertilizer up to 3 times per day while adventuring, which each increases tall growth by 1 when used.


The rate of cornucopia growth in A Thanksgarden increases with more days between harvesting:

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Cornucopia harvested 1 3 5 8 11 15 1 megacopia

Each cornucopia drops 7 items. Of these, 2 to 5 will be cashews and the remainder will be raw foods. Cashews can be used to access a store where they are traded for useful items. Raw foods are 1 fullness for 2 adventures and have a chance to give the effect The Good Salmonella, which gives +20% to all attributes per point of your current fullness.

Cashews Item Description Cooks with raw ingredient Product
1 glass casserole dish
+3 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.
+30 Sleaze Damage
Damage Reduction: 10
raw green beans green bean casserole
1 can opener
(1-handed claw)
Successful hit weakens opponent.
+50% Hat/Pants Drops from Monsters
raw cranberry sauce cranberry cylinder
1 potato masher
(1-handed utensil)
Spell Damage +15
+10% Chance of Spell Critical Hit
raw potato mashed potatoes
2 mini-marshmallow dispenser
Maximum HP/MP +30
Regenerate 6-8 HP and MP per adventure
raw sweet potato candied sweet potatoes
2 glass pie plate
Serious Hot Resistance (+3)
+25 Damage vs. Ghosts
Half Damage from Ghosts
raw mincemeat mince pie
2 bread mold Pastes with fire of unknown origin to create bomb of unknown origin, a combat item that removes 10 protesters when used in A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters raw bread bread roll
3 stuffing fluffer When used, kills 36-46 soldiers on both sides of The Battlefield. raw stuffing baked stuffing
3 turkey blaster
(Spleen item, size 2)
Recovers large amounts of HP and MP.
Advances delay() by 5 turns in the last zone you adventured.
Can be used 3 times per day.
raw turkey thanksgiving turkey
3 gravy boat
Half damage from Undead
During the Undefile the Cyrpt Quest, decreases evil in the current zone by 1% after every combat win.
raw gravy warm gravy

Each cashew-derived item can be cooked with a raw food to produce a 2 fullness, awesome quality food. These foods give 20 turns of Thanksgetting. With one Thanksgiving food eaten, this effect gives:

  • +80% Meat from Monsters
  • +40% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +2 to Familiar Weight
  • Slight Resistance (+1) to all elements

For each different Thanksgiving food eaten on the same day, Thanksgetting increases in power by the following amount:

  • +40% Meat from Monsters
  • +20% Item Drops from Monsters
  • +1 to Familiar Weight
  • Slight Resistance (+1) to all elements

At rollover, Thanksgetting is replaced with Thanksgot, which is equivalent to Thanksgetting with one food eaten.


Grows 3 handfuls of snow berries and 3 ice harvests per day:

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
snow berries and ice harvests harvested 3 6 9 12 15 18 21
frost flower harvested 0 0 1 1 1 1 1

Only 1 frost flower is ever available per harvest.

Number of
snow berries
Number of
ice harvests
Creates Type Effect
1 0 snow cleats Potion gives Snow Shoes (Decreases likelihood of combat adventures; 30 adventures)
0 1 liquid ice pack Potion gives Ice Packed (regen 10-15 HP; 30 adventures)
2 0 snow crab Food 5-7 Adventures
10-20 each substat
1 fullness
1 3 Ice Island Long Tea Booze 18-22 Adventures
15-25 each substat
4 drunkeness
2 0 snow boards Quest Item Speeds up bridge building across The Orc Chasm
3 3 unfinished ice sculpture Combat Item Allows you to copy a monster
3 2 snow mobile Off-hand Item +20 maximum MP
Makes Spells Way Cooler (similar to Rain-Doh green lantern)
Disappears after next rollover
0 3 ice bucket Off-hand Item +20% item
Disappears after next rollover
4 1 snow shovel 2-handed Polearm +10 all attributes
+100% weapon damage
[use]ing the shovel will destroy the 3 walls in the Bat Hole if the area is open
Disappears after next rollover
1 4 bod-ice Shirt +25 monster level
+25 sleaze damage
+25 damage to sleaze spells
Disappears after next rollover
7 1 snow belt Accessory +5 all stats per fight
+8 Rollover Adventures
Disappears after next rollover
0 9 ice nine 1-handed Ranged Weapon +10% change to critical hit
regen 10-20 HP
+30% meat
+5 PvP fights per day
Disappears after next rollover
0 8 ice house Combat Item Permanently banishes a single monster
The monster can be unbanished by going to The Museum
9 0 snow fort Housing Resting restores 78-80 HP and 80 MP
First rest each day gives Snow Fortified (+20% item, +30% meat, +50 maximum MP, +100 maximum HP)
30 30 snow machine Workshed Appliance +1 snow berries and +1 ice harvest whenever you harvest from any garden

Each of the items you harvest from the garden can be used as well:


If you have a snow machine in your Workshed, you will receive one handful of snow berries and one ice harvest in addition to what you harvest.


Grows 3 handfuls of barley and 3 clusters of hops per day. Starting on 2 days of growth, also adds a fancy beer bottle or fancy beer label per day.

Brew together with Creates Effect
1 handful of barley
1 cluster of hops
nothing can of Brütalbräu 5-7 adventures
50-60 muscle
1 drunkeness
gives 1 fancy tin beer can
can of Drooling Monk 5-7 adventures
50-60 myst
1 drunkeness
gives 1 fancy tin beer can
can of Impetuous Scofflaw 5-7 adventures
50-60 moxie
1 drunkeness
gives 1 fancy tin beer can
1 handfuls of barley
1 clusters of hops
1 fancy beer bottle
1 fancy beer label
bottle of Old Pugilist 11-13 adventures
20-30 each substat
2 drunkeness
gives Fightin' Drunk (+50 muscle, regen 10-20 HP; 20 adventures)
bottle of Professor Beer 11-13 adventures
20-30 each substat
2 drunkeness
gives Thinkin' Drunk (+50 myst, regen 10-20 MP; 20 adventures)
bottle of Rapier Witbier 11-13 adventures
20-30 each substat
2 drunkeness
gives Jokin' Drunk (+50 moxie, +20% pickpocket chance; 20 adventures)
3 handfuls of barley
3 clusters of hops
3 fancy beer bottles
3 fancy beer labels
artisanal homebrew gift package gift to another player or yourself to create 1 artisanal homebrew sampler
which contains 3 beers (at least one beer will be unique to the sampler)
1 bottle of Old Pugilist or 1 bottle of Race Car Red
1 bottle of Professor Beer or 1 bottle of Greedy Dog
1 bottle of Rapier Witbier or 1 bottle of Lambada Lambic

Each of the sampler specific beers gives ??-20-?? adventures, +50-60 of each substat and 3 drunkeness when drank and 20 turns of an effect:

Number of
fancy tin beer cans
Gives Type Effect
1 tin cup Usable gives Tingling Feeling (+20% meat, +10% item; 20 adventures)
2 tin snips Combat Item Deals damage and periodic damage each round
4 tin lizzie Quest Item opens Desert Beach
8 tin tam Hat so-so resistance to all elements (+2)
+5 DR
+1 myst stat(s) per fight
11 tin foil 1-handed sword +10% muscle
+10% weapon damage
+1 muscle stat(s) per fight
16 tin drum 2-handed drum +10% moxie
+3 prismatic damage
+1 moxie stat(s) per fight
32 tin roof (rusted) Usable (installs as a furnishing) +5 PvP fights per day


Grows 5 skeletons per day.

Number of
Gives Type Effect
1 Skeletons and The Closet Choice adventure Choice of Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Cleric, Skeletal Wizard, Skeletal Rogue, or Skeletal Buddy (30 adventures)
2 skeleton skis Accessory Combat Initiative +25%, +5 Cold Damage, +5 Spooky Damage
3 skeleton quiche Food Epic quality (2 fullness, 10-12 adv)
4 skeletal scabbard Accessory Doubles the damage dealt by swords
5 crystal skeleton vodka Booze Epic quality (3 drunkenness, 15-17 adv), Aykrophobia (+25% Item Drops from Monsters, +20 Spooky Damage, +15 Monster Level; 20 adventures)
7 skeletal skiff Quest Item Allows Travel to The Mysterious Island of Mystery
9 auxiliary backbone Back item +3 PvP fights per day when equipped.
11 Bonestabber Weapon (1-handed sword) Serious Spooky Resistance (+3), +10 Spooky Damage, +5 to Monster Level, +30% Damage vs. Skeletons
13 Lazybones™ recliner Usable (installs as a bed) So-So Spooky Resistance (+2); When Resting, gives Bonelording (Muscle +25%, Mysticality +25%, Moxie +25%, +25 Spooky Damage; 20 adventures)
100 shaking skull Usable Lets you fight a skulldozer

Leaving the bone garden alone for 6 days produces A Humongous Buried Skull, which generates an encounter with a skulldozer. When defeated, this drops 20 skeletons and 10 skeleton bones at an opportunity cost of 25 skeletons, and also may drop a skulldozer egg.


Grows 3 peppermint sprouts per day.

# of sprouts How to make Product Type Effect
1 Use 1 sprout Pep twist.gif peppermint twist potion
+40% initiative
+50% meat
+10 ML
(10 turns)
Mix twist with...
bottle of whiskey Pep drink2.gif Mint Yulep booze (EPIC)
(level 2 req)
10-13 adv
2 drunkenness
25-50 Muscleboundness
10-20 other substats
bottle of vodka Pep drink1.gif Vodka Matryoshka
bottle of rum Pep drink2.gif Crimbojito 25-50 Mysteriousness
10-20 other substats
boxed wine Pep drink3.gif Sangria de Menthe
bottle of gin Pep drink2.gif Gin Mint 25-50 Smarm
10-20 other substats
bottle of tequila Pep drink1.gif Tequiz Navidad
2 Use 2 sprouts Pep patty.gif peppermint patty food (EPIC)
(level 2 req)
9-12 adventures
10-20 of each substat
2 fullness
3 Use 3 sprouts Pep crook.gif peppermint crook combat item pickpocket attempt
(is consumed only on success)
5 Meatpaste crook and patty Pep parasol.gif peppermint parasol combat item free runaways
6 Meatpaste 2 crooks Pep gram.gif candy cane candygram usable Send a message to other players
10 Use 10 sprouts Pep pants.gif cane-mail pants pants All Attributes +10%
Regenerate 1-4 HP/MP per adventure
+3 PvP fights per day
11 Use 11 sprouts Pep rhinobaby.gif peppermint rhino baby familiar larva Peppermint Rhino
1×wt fairy
2×wt fairy (candy only)
15 Use 15 sprouts Pep shirt.gif cane-mail shirt shirt +25% candy drops
+20 ML
+15% meat
Leave garden untouched for 5 days
(opportunity cost of 15 sprouts)
Pep bigcane.gif giant candy cane 2-handed staff +40% candy drops
18 Give Rodoric... giant candy cane
peppermint patty
3 lotions of coldness
frozen nunchaku
freezerburned ice cube
Pepperstaff.gif Staff of Holiday Sensations chefstaff
(75 mysticality req)
Spell Damage +75%
+15 Damage to Cold Spells
Regenerate 5-6 MP per adventure
(Jiggle to deal 15-25 Cold Damage)
- Pulverize any of... cane-mail pants
cane-mail shirt
giant candy cane
Powder.gif candycaine powder combat item deal exponential poison damage


Grows 1 pumpkin per day.

Days Grow Plus = Product Effect
1 pumpkin nothing
(use directly)
3 pumpkin juice
+20% item
+10 ML
+10 spooky damage
10 turns (x3)
fermenting powder
(regular mixing)
3 pumpkin beer
4-7 adventures
5-20 each substat
2-4 MP
1 drunkenness (x3)
pie tin, dough
(regular cooking)
pumpkin pie
15-18 adventures
10-30 each substat
3 fullness
Knob Goblin firecracker
pumpkin bomb
(combat item)
Yellow Ray
tires, sweet rims
pumpkin carriage
(quest item, cannot untinker)
opens Desert Beach
bigger stick
(regular smithing)
Staff of the November Jack-O-Lantern
requires 15 myst
+20% spell damage
+10 to stench spells
regen 2-3 MP
2 2 pumpkins nothing
(regular smithing)
shin gourds
+5 DR
+10 weapon damage
5 huge pumpkin nothing
(use directly)
player profile decoration
can be [smash]ed into 3 regular pumpkins
11 ginormous pumpkin nothing
(use directly)
Campground dwelling 50 HP/MP when resting
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