The Campground

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Rest7.gif Workshed.gif Doghouse.gif Teatree Unused.gif Closet.gif
Telescope.gif A Shimmering Portal Campterminal.gif Trophycase.gif Bookshelf-2.gif
Pumpkin anim final.gif Kitchen.gif Pagoda.gif Bigterrarium.gif Questlog2.gif
Analcouch.gif Chesstable.gif Cscarecrow.gif Golem.gif Monolith.gif
Plains3.gif Leaves1.gif Plains9.gif Plains5.gif Plains1.gif

The Campground is the location of your campsite, at which many important things are stored.

Various objects can be placed in your campsite:

After you ascend, only the Closet, Terrarium, Trophy Case, Quest Log, Telescope, Bookshelf, Pumpkin/Peppermint Patch/Bone Garden, Workshed, Haunted Doghouse, Tea Tree, Witchess, and Advent Calendar will remain in your campground. The Ground is always available to new or newly-ascended characters. Your kitchen will remain but everything in it except the E-Z Cook™ oven and My First Shaker™ will be removed.


This seems to be where all the local adventurers live. Unfortunately, there's way too many campsites for you to be able to find <playername>'s in any reasonable amount of time. Which is a pity, because you'd really love to take a dump on <their> bed.
It's probably just as well. It's been so long since you did that, you're not even sure you remember how.
Perhaps you want to visit your pyramid.
  • However, players owning a Haunted Doghouse can still encounter their Hallowiener Dog.


Rest7.gif Advent.gif Pagoda.gif Closet.gif
Telescope.gif A Shimmering Portal Trophycase.gif Bookshelf-2.gif
Pumpkin anim final.gif Kitchen.gif Bigterrarium.gif Questlog2.gif
Analcouch.gif Cscarecrow.gif Golem.gif Hippystone.gif