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For explanation on the KoL year cycle, see Kingdom of Loathing Calendar.
Boys of Loathing Girls of Loathing
drawn by Cynn drawn by SpaceMonkey
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Today is:
Starch 8

The Calendar of Loathing sits in the first area of a Clan Rumpus Room and tells every member of that clan what the Kingdom date is, just above the announcements underneath the Clan Hall and on the right sidebar for gameplay if the proper account menu setting is set.

In addition to looking nice and providing a measure of centralization, the Calendar of Loathing gives each member of a clan 3 adventures every rollover as long as they aren't in hardcore or ronin. It costs 50,000 meat to hang a calendar in the Clan Rumpus Room.

The leader of the clan in question may, at his/her discretion, choose between displaying the Girls of Loathing Calendar and the Boys of Loathing Calendar. This costs 50,000 Meat as if you had bought a new calendar.


Players on Ronin or Hardcore won't receive the bonus adventures, but will still see the Calendar on their homepage.


  • The Calendar of Loathing can randomly display Porktober as "Febtober", a reference to a "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketch on Saturday Night Live. In that particular sketch, Sean Connery (as impersonated by Darrell Hammond) insisted that the response to "This is the only month that starts with Feb" was "What is Febtober?"

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