Calavera concertina

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calavera concertina
calavera concertina

This is a smallish accordion-like instrument emblazoned with an abalone skull. Which is to say a decorative representation of a skull carved from abalone, not the skull of an abalone. I don't think those things even have skulls.

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed accordion)
Song Duration: 7 Adventures
Damage: 4 - 8
Moxie Required: 5
Selling Price: 45 Meat.

Moxie +3

(In-game plural: calavera concertinas)
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Item number: 2234
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Obtained From

South of The Border
mariachi calavera (Can be Pickpocketed only)

Cadenza effect

  • On use:
You play a spooky tune on your concertina. Your opponent has no choice but to play along using his rib cages as a xylophone, which causes him to suffer 15-20 damage.


  • You must have an accordion in your inventory to cast Accordion Thief buffs.
  • Any Accordion Thief buff cast while a Calavera concertina is the best accordion in your inventory will have a duration of 7 turns per casting (unless a stolen accordion is equipped).


  • This item is a reference to the calavera, a skull-shaped sugar sculpture (whose name means 'skull') used to help celebrate the Day of the Dead.
  • Being a mollusk, an abalone does not have a skull.

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