CSA fire-starting kit

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CSA fire-starting kit
CSA fire-starting kit

This is a little briefcase issued by the CSA that has your name on it, and purports to contain all the tools necessary for you to start a fire in the field.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 23 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: CSA fire-starting kits)
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Item number: 5739
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Obtained From

Camp Scout backpack

When Used

  • First use per day:

Fire! I... have made... fire!

You open the kit, and find that it contains everything you need to start a fire: two sturdy sticks, and a disposable lighter.

Use the sticks
You spend about 45 minutes rubbing the two stupid sticks together before one of them breaks, giving you a big splinter. In a rage, you throw the sticks, the lighter, and the case in the trash, and storm off to try to find somebody to take your aggression out on.
PvP FightsYou gain 3 PvP Fights.
Use the lighter

You pile the sticks up on top of the briefcase (which it turns out is made of kindling) and light a charming little fire at your campsite (not pictured.)

Then you think it'd probably be pretty awesome to throw the lighter in the fire, so you do it.

It is, in fact, pretty awesome.

  • Second attempted use in a day (if the first use was sticks):
    No way. It made you so angry the first time you tried it that you'd probably have a stroke if you did it again. Maybe by tomorrow you'll have settled down a bit.
  • Second attempted use in a day (if the first use was lighter):
    There's already a delightful little fire at your campsite. I know starting fires is fun, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow.


  • If you use the lighter, at the end of combat for the rest of the day, you will gain HP and MP with the following message:
After the fight, you head over to your campsite and relax by your delightful campfire.
HPYou gain 3-5 hit points.
MPYou gain 3-5 Mana Points.
  • If you have not smashed your Magical Mystical Hippy Stone, you will not get the 3 PVP fights even though the text says you do.


  • Prior to June 10, 2013, these could not be autosold.


  • As with other kinds of fire, "I... have made... fire!" references the film, Cast Away.


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