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Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 10

By casting this spell, you can turn any monster into a toad, which will enable your cowardice to know no bounds.

Source: Strange Leaflet Quest
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: 9
Effect: Turns monsters into various amphibians.
When Used:
You cast CLEESH at your opponent. He/she/it/they turns into a frog/newt/salamander.


  • Changes the monster into one of three random amphibians: a frog, a newt, or a salamander. They are very weak, and give only 1 <substat> and 1 item - a squashed frog, eye of newt or salamander spleen.
  • A CLEESHed monster does not drop any of the items that it would originally have dropped before being CLEESHed unless, at the time of the CLEESHing, the monster has an effect on it which causes it to take continual damage (i.e. Disco Bleeding).
  • Having CLEESH as a permanent skill does not allow you to use CLEESH in the strange leaflet earlier than you normally would.
  • The following monsters are immune to CLEESH:
Amphibians frog
Bosses Baron von Ratsworth
Boss Bat
The Knob Goblin King
Felonia, Queen of the Spooky Gravy Fairies
The Bonerdagon
Dr. Awkward
The Man
The Big Wisniewski
topiary golem
The Naughty Sorceress, all forms
Hodgman, The Hoboverlord
Ed the Undying
The Sea All monsters in The Sea
Special The Guy Made Of Bees
Wandering bees in a Bees Hate You run
All monsters in The Sorceress' Tower
All monsters in Fernswarthy's Basement
All sub-boss monsters in The Cyrpt
Ancient protector spirits
The Crimbomination
The Whole Kingdom
The final assassin sent against you by your Nemesis
All monsters in The Tunnel of L.O.V.E.
  • Attempting to cleesh a monster which is immune results in the following message:
    "You cast CLEESH at your opponent. It burps quietly, but nothing else happens."
    • Monsters in any underwater location give an alternative message:
      "You cast CLEESH at your opponent, but it apparently doesn't work on things that already live underwater."
    • Monsters in The Tunnel of L.O.V.E. give an alternative message:
      "You cast CLEESH at your opponent, but it apparently doesn't work on this sort of thing."
  • Cleeshing a monster whilst Temporarily Blind results in the message:
    "You cast CLEESH at your opponent. It turns into ... some kind of amphibian, you imagine."
  • Under the Zombie Slayer path, MP doesn't exist, but you can still cast this spell by sacrificing 10 zombies. Aside from that, everything about the spell is exactly the same, including the message when you cast it. The resulting amphibian can be turned into a zombie, even if the monster you were originally fighting couldn't.


  • A similar spell of the same name appeared in the Enchanter trilogy of text-adventure games, part of the Zork series from the 1980's. The spell would change a creature into a small amphibian.

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