Business hippy

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Business hippy
Monster ID 335
Locations The Road to the White Citadel
Hit Points 25
Attack 35
Defense 34
No-Hit 48
Initiative 0
Meat 40-60
Phylum hippy
Elements stench
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, arm, leg, torso
filthy corduroys, filthy knitted dread sack, herbs, reodorant
Quest massive bag of catnip
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
business hippy You're fighting a business hippy

This is a hippy that understands the concept of supply and demand. At the moment, his face is demanding that you supply it with a fist. Who knew basic economics could be so satisfying?

Hit Message(s):

The business hippy snivels at you ingratiatingly. You think you feel a blood vessel burst in your head. Ooh! Ow! (stench damage)

The business hippy angrily slaps you in the <lower back>, defending its wares. It stings, a little. Ugh! Ouch! (stench damage)

Critical Hit Message:

He smacks you upside the <solar plexus> with his briefcase, then whips you upside the <calf> with his funky dreads. After all that, his odor assaults your nose. Oof! Ugh! Ow! (stench damage)

Miss Message(s):

The business hippy snivels at you ingratiatingly, but is discouraged by your obvious hatred.

The business hippy starts to slap you, but can’t remember why he wanted to.

Fumble Message:

You ask him, "so, man, isn't it weird that you're a hippy, and yet you've given into the corporate mentality that separates us all?" He stops to ponder it for a while. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 40-60 Meat (average: 50, stdev: 4.47)*
Cords.gifYou acquire an item: filthy corduroys (10% chance)*
Dreadsack.gifYou acquire an item: filthy knitted dread sack (10% chance)*
Herbs.gifYou acquire an item: herbs (20% chance)*
Spraycan.gifYou acquire an item: reodorant (10% chance)*
Herbbag.gifYou acquire an item: massive bag of catnip (100% chance)*
You gain 8-9 <substat>.

Formerly occurred at The Road to the White Citadel.



  • This adventure refers to the hippy Princeton student in the movie Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, who has the line, "What kind of hippy am I? Man, I'm a business hippie, I understand the concept of supply and demand."