Burning, Man

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Burning, Man

Burning, Man

You're covered from soup to nuts in demonic fire. Being close to you is gonna be pretty tricky. Being you is gonna be even trickier.


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Effect number: 782
Description ID: f93ba9c2aba47c4e296f20823bb8d1ac
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Obtained From

Summoning Chamber
Summoning the Smith (30 Adventures)


Your opponent suffers 80-100 damage from the demonic fire in which you're engulfed.
The demonic fire burns you from head to toe and back to head.
HPYou lose 80-100 hit points. (hot damage)
  • With the demon tattoo equipped, you will receive this message instead:
The eyes of your tattoo burn fiercely in their wreath of demonic fire.


  • The effect name is of course a reference to Burning Man, an event which coincidentally (or not) coincided with the rollout of this content.