Bugbear beanie

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bugbear beanie
bugbear beanie

This is a beanie made from the skin of a bugbear.

Sadly, it lacks a propeller.

Type: hat
Power: 30
Outfit: Bugbear Costume
  (2 items)

Selling Price: 35 Meat.

(In-game plural: bugbear beanies)
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Item number: 169
Description ID: 777889593
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Obtained From

The Bugbear Pens
Faux Fur Pas (with ten-leaf clover)
The Degrassi Knoll Bakery
Guard Bugbear
The Degrassi Knoll Restroom
Guard Bugbear
The Degrassi Knoll Garage
Guard Bugbear
The "Fun" House
The Haiku Dungeon
ferocious bugbear
The Degrassi Knoll Bakery and Hardware Store (70 Meat)


Slash.gif bugbear beanie | bugbear bungguard


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