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A Buff is an effect which comes from a spell cast by a player on another player (or possibly, themselves). Turtle Tamers, Saucerors, and Accordion Thieves can all learn skills which allows them to cast buffs. In addition to the normal ways of losing effects, buffs can be shrugged off if unwanted by right-clicking on a particular effect icon in the sidebar.

While in ronin or hardcore mode, you cannot receive buffs from any player other than yourself.

It should also be noted that if a player is on another's ignore list, buffs cannot be sent between those players. This also applies to putting oneself on one's ignore list.

Buff Duration

Turtle Tamer buff durations are affected by the Totem used:

Additionally, porcelain plus-fours will increase the buff duration by 4, but must actually be equipped to do so.

Sauceror buff durations are affected by the Saucepan used:

Accordion Thief buff durations are affected by the Accordion used. Accordion Thieves have access to various stolen accordions, granting 5 to 20 turns of a buff. See here for a list of accordions and their buff lengths. Other classes, however, require a bought accordion to cast Accordion Thief buffs:

To cast the class buffs above, the caster must have one of the class buff enablers in inventory. The best equipment is always used to cast buffs, even if you have another equipment that gives less turns equipped.

Non-class-specific buffs (e.g. Carol of the Hells) often have a base duration of 10 turns.

Buff durations can be increased by the caster having a jewel-eyed wizard hat in their inventory (increases all buffs cast by five turns), by taking Extendicillin from an Eight Days a Week Pill Keeper (doubles the duration of the next potion used) or having an opera mask equipped (increases AT buff lengths by 40%, item lost).

List of Buffs

Level Skill Description Effect Effect Description MP Cost
Turtle Tamer Buffs
4 Ghostly Shell This skill conjures the shell of a ghostly tortoise, which envelops you (or another player) in a protective shield, greatly reducing damage taken in combat. Ghostly Shell +80 Damage Absorption 6
6 Tenacity of the Snapper This skill makes you (or another player) relentless in combat, like the fierce Snapping Turtles of the Days of Old. It will increase the damage done by each strike. Tenacity of the Snapper +8 Weapon Damage 8
8 Empathy of the Newt This skill makes you (or another person) temporarily gain an uncanny empathy towards your (or their) familiar Empathy +5 to Familiar Weight 15
9 Spiky Shell You can conjure up a spiky turtle shell of psychic energy to surround you (or another player) and deal damage to enemies as they attack you (or another player (the same one I mentioned before, not just any other player.)) Spiky Shell Damages Attacking Opponents 8
10 Reptilian Fortitude By imbuing you with the physical strength of 1000 snakes and lizards, this skill temporarily boosts your maximum HP. Reptilian Fortitude +30 HP 10
12 Astral Shell This is a vastly improved version of the Ghostly Shell skill. It increases the amount of damage absorbed by your (or another player's) hat and pants in combat. Additionally, it will protect you (to a limited degree) from the elements of heat, cold, stench, spookiness, and sleaziness. Astral Shell 10
N/A Jingle Bells This skill allows you to conjure up some festive holiday bells to hang around your familiar's neck. Or around something else, if your familiar is something that doesn't have a neck. Jingle Jangle Jingle Familiar will act more often in combat 5
N/A Curiosity of Br'er Tarrypin This skill allows you to bestow upon yourself (or another player) the homespun wisdom and innate curiosity of an anthropomorphic turtle in a folk tale. Curiosity of Br'er Tarrypin +1 Familiar Experience Per Adventure 10
Sauceror Buffs
4 Elemental Saucesphere This spell conjures a shell of sauce around you (or another player), which will protect you (or another player) from all elemental attacks. Elemental Saucesphere So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2) 10
7 Jalapeño Saucesphere This spell will conjure a shell of spicy sauce around you (or another player.) Any monster that passes through the shield will take damage. Additionally, any sauce spells that pass through the shell will return a portion of their MP cost as HP. Jalapeño Saucesphere 5
10 Antibiotic Saucesphere This spell allows you to conjure a sphere of soothing triple-antibiotic sauce around yourself or another Adventurer. Antibiotic Saucesphere Regenerate 4-5 HP per Adventure 15
N/A Scarysauce This spell coats you (or somebody else) with a writhing coating of sauce. But not any ordinary sauce -- sauce made of the very essence of fear. The overall effect is very spooky. Scarysauce 10
Accordion Thief Buffs
1 The Moxious Madrigal Hearing this song will fill you (or somebody else) with great Moxie. The Moxious Madrigal +10 Moxie 2
2 The Magical Mojomuscular Melody This song will attune you (or somebody else) with your (or somebody else's) spirituality (hippy) and increase your (or somebody else's) maximum MP. The Magical Mojomuscular Melody 3
3 Cletus's Canticle of Celerity Upon hearing this song, you (or somebody else) will begin to move very quickly, and with improved combat reaction times. Cletus's Canticle of Celerity +20% Combat Initiative 4
4 The Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith This song will fill you (or somebody else) with passionate intensity, and great Strengthliness. Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith 5
5 The Polka of Plenty This song will fill you (or somebody else) with greed, and make more Meat drop from monsters in combat. Polka of Plenty +50% Meat from Monsters 7
6 Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction This horrible song will make whoever hears it very angry. And anger, in this case, will correspond with increased melee damage. Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction 9
7 Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric Upon hearing this song, the listener will be imbued with superior looting skills - monsters will drop items more frequently in combat. Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric +20% Items from Monsters 11
8 Brawnee's Anthem of Absorption Upon hearing this song, you (or somebody else) will gain a strange absorbency. Monsters will do less damage to you (or somebody else) in combat. Brawnee's Anthem of Absorption floor(level1.2) Damage Reduction 13
9 The Psalm of Pointiness And lo, unto the audience shall be conjured an aura of pointiness, and verily shalt those who attack the audience be poked as though with legion pointy objects. Psalm of Pointiness 4-8 damage and delevel 1-5ML against enemies that hit player 15
10 Stevedave's Shanty of Superiority This song will impart upon its listener a sense of righteous indignation. This indignation will manifest as a 10% increase in all of the listener's stats. Stevedave's Shanty of Superiority +10% to All Stats 30
11 Aloysius' Antiphon of Aptitude This song makes it so you (or another player) learn more from your combat experiences, and gain more stats from battles. Aloysius' Antiphon of Aptitude +1 Strongness, +1 Mysteriousness, +1 Cheek per battle 40
12 The Ode to Booze This is the best song ever. Whoever hears this song will gain a remarkable ability to drink, and will gain more adventures from alcoholic beverages. Ode to Booze When drinking, each point of drunkenness the booze gives reduces the duration of this effect by 1 turn and grants one additional adventure. 50
13 The Sonata of Sneakiness Hearing this song will imbue the listener with astounding obfuscative abilities, and make them less likely to encounter monsters while adventuring. The Sonata of Sneakiness Combat Frequency -5% 20
14 Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation Hearing this song will increase the listener's production of anger pheromones. Monsters will be more attracted to them. Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation Combat Frequency +5% 20
15 Ur-Kel's Aria of Annoyance This song generates an aura of intense annoyingness around anyone who hears it. The aura makes monsters want to hit the possessor much, much harder. Ur-Kel's Aria of Annoyance +2 Monster Level per level of listener 30
N/A Dirge of Dreadfulness This song is depressing. Not in a melancholy, I-haven't-heard-this- since-way-back-when way, but in a soul-crushing hopelessness way. Seriously. Sad, sad song. Dirge of Dreadfulness 9
N/A The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder This song tells the story of Richie Thingfinder, the luckiest hobo in the world. Playing this for somebody is sure to rub some of that luck off onto them, making them more likely to find items and Meat. The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder 50
N/A Benetton's Medley of Diversity This medley teaches an important lesson -- that monsters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but in the big picture, they're all equally evil. Benetton's Medley of Diversity 50
N/A Elron's Explosive Etude Playing this song for somebody will fill their head with unstable magic energy, making their spells far more powerful than they would ordinarily be. And far more delicious. Elron's Explosive Etude
  • +50% Spell Damage
  • (Recipient must be at least level 15)
N/A Chorale of Companionship Playing this song for somebody will depress them, but make them value their familiars more. Chorale of Companionship
  • +10 to Familiar weight
  • (Recipient must be at least level 15)
N/A Prelude of Precision Playing this song for somebody will set their head a-buzzing, and steady their hands, making them more likely to get critical hits with weapons. Prelude of Precision
  • +2% Critical Hit Chance
  • (Recipient must be at least level 15)
N/A Donho's Bubbly Ballad Why does this song make you feel so light, and so airy? I donho. Donho's Bubbly Ballad 20% underwater penalty reduction 75
N/A Cringle's Curative Carol Dr. Cringle believed that music was the best medicine. Dr. Cringle also set the world record for lost malpractice suits. Cringle's Curative Carol Regenerate 5-10 HP per Adventure 5
N/A Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration This song was written by the son of a legendary swordsmith. It is said that it will inspire its listeners to great heights of craftiness. Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration Lets you craft things more quickly 100

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