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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

resourceful kid drop rate? Is it affected by luck? Is the monkey implemented? Where do you get him?

Buddies are the equivalent of a familiar within Tales of Spelunking. Most are obtained from several non-combats. You can only have one buddy at a time; if you find a skeleton buddy at a Tombstone, it will replace your existing buddy.

# Buddy Use
1 Skeleton
  • Deals 8-10 damage each combat round.
  • Deals 18-20 damage versus Yomama.
2 Helpful Guy
  • Delevels at the start of combat.
  • Sometimes after combat gives you a sturdy machete.
3 Damselfly
  • Restores 10 HP after battle.
4 Resourceful Kid
  • Rarely drops gold after combat.
  • Can retrieve the idol in Idolatry.
5 A Golden Monkey
  • ???
Spelunky Buddies
Spelbuddy1.gif Spelbuddy2.gif Spelbuddy3.gif Spelbuddy4.gif Spelbuddy5.gif
Skeleton Helpful Guy Damselfly Resourceful Kid A Golden Monkey