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It's a child's toy! It's a molecule! It's a child's toy *and* a molecule! Yup, this is a single molecule of carbon that's not only large enough to see with the naked eye, but large enough to play volleyball with. If it were any bigger, hippies would cut it in half to make houses out of it.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 31 Meat.

Lets you escape from combat

(In-game plural: buckyballs)
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Item number: 3065
Description ID: 849517459
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Dollhive.gif 1 synthetic stuffing 1 nanofiber cloth
Equals.gif buckyball

Obtained From

bindlestocking (sometimes)

When Used

You throw the ball off into the distance. Your opponent scampers off to retrieve it, and you make a quick getaway.


  • These refer to the carbon molecules called buckyballs or fullerenes, which were named after Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome. The picture is similar to the shape of the atoms of carbon that are connected in a similar pattern.
  • The line "If it were any bigger, hippies would cut it in half to make houses out of it" is probably a reference to the common practice of housing ecological and artificial biome projects within geodesic domes, such as the Eden Project.

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