Bubblin' crude

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bubblin' crude
bubblin' crude

This is a handful of magically animated crude oil. It's bubbly, not like a happy sorority girl is bubbly, but like a cauldron of boiling poison is bubbly.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: bubblin' crudes)
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Item number: 5789
Description ID: 856998415
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Obtained From

codpiece (8)
Oil Peak
oil slick (1)
oil tycoon (1-2)
oil baron (1-2)
oil cartel (1-3)
Up From the Ground... (3) (while Lucky!)
use Duskwalker syringe against one of the "Oil Monsters"

When Used

  • Using 3:
Only God can make a bird, but you can make a pretty good facsimile. Or at least a pretty disgusting one.
Oilyboid.gifYou acquire an item: oily boid
  • Using 8:
You squish the oil into a greasy hat.
Oilcap.gifYou acquire an item: oil cap
  • Using 9:
You glom globs of oil together until they're in a shape resembling a lamp. You love lamp.
Oillamp.gifYou acquire an item: oil lamp
  • Using 10:
Your mother always said that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemon pants out of them. That lesson probably applies to oil, too.
Oilslacks.gifYou acquire an item: oil slacks
  • Using 11:
You make a pan out of oil. The critics are gonna love it!
Oilpan.gifYou acquire an item: oil pan
  • Using 12:
Driven by forces you don't understand, you make a jar out of oil and fill it with oil before making a lid out of oil and sealing the jar.
Oiljar.gifYou acquire an item: jar of oil
  • Otherwise:
That much oil doesn't congeal into anything good.





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