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brown pixel
brown pixel

This strange object appears to be a brown dot, which could not, no matter how hard you tried, be separated into any smaller pieces. Strange.

Selling Price: 25 Meat.

(In-game plural: brown pixels)
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Item number: 4588
Description ID: 768196937
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Obtained From

blader (2)
met (2)
Vanya's Castle
fleaman (2)
Vanya's Castle Foyer
fleaman (2)



  • The pixels in TV and computer screens are made up of three colors, red, blue and green. When all three colors are turned on, the pixel appears white, and when they're all turned off, the pixel appears black. All other color combinations can be reproduced through different combinations of red, blue and green, meaning that brown should be some combination of the three... and yet, in this case, it doesn't reduce down.
    • Early graphics palettes, such as 3-bit RGB and 4-bit RGBI, typically did not include a brown color. The IBM-PC CGA card was an exception.


  • Prior to January 8, 2013, this item had a different image: Blackpix.gif


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