Bronzed Hot Dog

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Bronzed Hot Dog

Bronzed Hot Dog

This bronzed hot dog represents a triumph in the monthly Kingdomwide hot dog eating contest sponsored by McRipoff and Sons Nitrate Refinery and Bronzing Studio.

(In-game plural: Bronzed Hot Dog)

Obtained From

VIP Lounge
Hot Dog Stand


  • For each month, there are 2 leaderboards in the Hot Dog Stand: <Month>'s Clan Hot Dog Hall of Fame, which is for the clans with the most hot dogs consumed for that month, and <Month>'s Best Average Hot Dog Consumption Per Consumer Clans, which is for the clans with the highest average hot dogs consumed per consumer for those who have consumed one in that month. To get this trophy, the clan must be in the top 5 for either of these boards. If a clan gets on both boards it is awarded two Bronzed Hot Dog Trophies.