Bronze handcuffs

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When do these things break?

bronze handcuffs
bronze handcuffs

This is a pair of handcuffs made out of bronze. They look like what you'd win if you took third place in the kinky olympics.

I assume. I've only ever placed first in the kinky olympics, and I can't even describe that prize without blowing your vanilla little mind.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Handcuff yourself to your opponent

(In-game plural: pairs of bronze handcuffs)
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Item number: 4603
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Obtained From

Kegger in the Woods
Oh, No! Five-Oh! (with at least 1 orquette's phone number)

When Used

You slap one of the cuffs around your opponent's wrists, and one of them around one of your own. Looks like you're going to get to know each other a little better over the course of this fight.


Attempting to run from combat after using:

  • You can't run away from something you're handcuffed to.


  • Causes you and your opponents attacks to never miss
  • Is not automatically consumed when used in combat
    • But will break according to some unknown mechanism
You try to attach the handcuffs to your opponent, but they break. Stupid cheap bronze handcuffs. You throw away the bits in a fit of pique.


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