Broken chocolate pocketwatch

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broken chocolate pocketwatch
broken chocolate pocketwatch

This chocolate pocketwatch, or "chocketwatch," is broken. It probably broke itself in a fit of pique because you called it a chocketwatch.

Type: usable

(In-game plural: broken chocolate pocketwatches)
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Item number: 9215
Description ID: 905664883
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Obtained From

Gingerbread Train Station
Midnight at the Train Station (with pumpkin spice candle in inventory)

When Used

You'll need some spare parts and a precision screwdriver if you're gonna get this thing working again.
You've got the spare parts you would need in order to fix this thing, but not the right tool. The right tool is a screwdriver, in this case.
You've got the screwdriver you would need in order to fix this thing, but not the spare parts.
Using your candy screwdriver and your spare gingerbread parts, you manage to repair the pocketwatch.
Gingerwatch.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate pocketwatch


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