Broken champagne bottle

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broken champagne bottle
broken champagne bottle

This is a fancy bottle of Champagne des Fêtes. The bottle is open and cracked and the champagne is slowly dripping out.

Type: weapon (1-handed knife)
Damage: 5 - 10
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Regenerate 4-8 MP per adventure
Weapon Damage +50%
Doubles item drop bonus while the champagne flows

(In-game plural: broken champagne bottles)
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Item number: 9692
Description ID: 267897529
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Obtained From

January's Garbage Tote (Rummaging through the Garbage)


  • Starts with 11 ounces of champagne, and loses 1 ounce after each successful combat (including free fights).
  • After a fight, if there is any champagne left, the amount of champagne is decreased by 1 and the following message is displayed:
The champagne is flowing and the party is going wild with the N ounces of champagne left in your broken bottle.
  • After the champagne runs out (that is, after the 11th fight), the bottle is destroyed with the following message:
The last drop of your party champagne dripped out during this fight, so you toss the bottle away.
  • After the bottle is destroyed, it can be reselected from Rummaging through the Garbage. If this is done, it still contains 0 ounces, but is not destroyed after combats (although the item drop doubling no longer takes effect).
  • The item drop doubling effect does not work on Hobopolis bosses, giving the following message instead:
This big (possibly narratively important) fight is so crucial , you decide to lay off the champagne.

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