Broken Skee-Ball Machine

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Broken Skee-Ball Machine

The Broken Skee-Ball Machine is located in The Game Grid Arcade.

Against your better judgement, you drop a token in the Skee-Ball machine. It lights up and begins to make noise, which is sort of promising, but the lights give way to flickering chaos and the noises give way to a repetitive, indistinct thumping of machinery. Eventually the score display lights up:


Fantastic! You scored... LEnO points? Apparently LEnO points are worth 10 redemption tickets, because, miraculously, the ticket dispenser on the base of the machine apparently still works.

Ggticket.gifYou acquire 10 Game Grid tickets

You don't have any Game Grid tokens, so you can't play Skee-Ball. But don't feel bad. The Skee-Ball machine is broken, so you wouldn't have been able to play Skee-Ball anyway.