Broberry brogurt

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broberry brogurt
broberry brogurt

This is a red plastic cup of broberry-flavored brogurt with sprinkles. A broberry is like a crunchberry, except it does crunches instead of... where am I even going with this.

Type: booze (EPIC)
Potency: 3
Level required: 11
Selling Price: 500 Meat.
Effect: Broberry Brotality (40 Adventures)Muscle +100%
+10% chance of Critical Hit
+50% Meat from Monsters

(In-game plural: cups of broberry brogurt)
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Item number: 7455
Description ID: 359952982
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Obtained From

The Frozen Brogurt Stand (10 Beach Bucks)

When Consumed

You eat the broberry brogurt. The broberries taste like broberries!
AdventuresYou gain 15-18 Adventures.
You gain 100-200 Muscleboundness.
Brogurt2.gifYou acquire an effect: Broberry Brotality
(duration: 40 Adventures)
You gain 3 Drunkenness.


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