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This is a brick, which has been expertly balanced for throwing. It even has a piece of string tied around it so you can attach a note. It's these little touches of quality that really make for an enjoyable vandalism experience.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be traded or discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: bricks)
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Item number: 1649
Description ID: 456411411
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Obtained From

Summon Annoyance
Summon Hilarious Objects
Clown Outfit Halloween Adventure (Occurs with the Terrifying Clown Suit equipped)
pantogram pants (with the hilarious sacrifice, sometimes)

When Used

Break out a window with a brick.

Chuck the brick at ______ (name or playerid).

Attach a message to the brick (500 characters max):

You arc the brick through the window of <Player>'s <housing>, shattering it to pieces. Suddenly, you get back in your Bronco and take off like O.J. Simpson.

If the player has no housing or is incorporeal:

<Player> hasn't got a tent or house, so you throw the brick at him while he isn't looking. The brick hits him in the <leg>. That was mean -- you shouldn't make fun of poor people.

If the playername is invalid:

<Player> evaded your thrown item by the unusual strategy of being nonexistent.

If no message is written:

No message? How rude!

If you try to throw your brick at Jick:

Brick is no longer jickable. It was fun while it lasted.

If you try to throw your brick at a devster account:

Thank you for the attempt to curse a devster. Your request will be handled in the order in which it was received. Or not at all.


  • When received and player has no housing:
<player> has thrown a brick at you, hitting you in your <groin>.. ¡Ay caramba!*
Wait, there's a note attached.
(* interjection denoting surprise)
Brick.gifYou acquire an item: brick
  • When received and player has housing:
<player> has thrown a brick through the window of your <housing>. ¡Ay caramba!*
Wait, there's a note attached.
(* interjection denoting surprise)
Brick.gifYou acquire an item: brick
  • The usual message appears if you throw a brick at yourself.
  • You can obtain a brick even if you're in Hardcore.
  • Bricks can be thrown from the chat right-click menu, with the option "Brick 'Em, Dano."
  • Bricks may be used against people in Valhalla, but they will not get the imaged notification listed above, only a notification in chat. Additionally, any note attached to the brick is lost and cannot be read by the recipient.
  • Unlike roll of toilet paper, you don't see the broken window from your campground; you only see the broken window shown to you in the message you receive from being bricked.
  • You can throw bricks even if Bees Hate You.


  • On May 10, 2015 the words "Gift Item" were removed from the item description, but there was no functional change since (unlike all other gift items) it was not tradeable in a Kmail. This was just a change in the item description.


  • "Brick is no longer jickable" is a spoonerism.
  • The "¡Ay caramba!" and its translation are a reference to this page of the webcomic Dr. McNinja.
  • The line about throwing a brick through the window and jumping into the Bronco and taking off like O.J. Simpson is based on the lyrics from the song "Birdman Kicked my Ass" by Wesley Willis.
  • The "Brick 'Em, Dano" is a reference to the 1970s television show Hawaii Five-O -- at the end of the episode, Detective Steve McGarret would say "Book 'Em, Danno!" to his partner Danny Williams.

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