Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy

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Trophy Number: 31
Image Filename: the_dude_abides.gif

Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy
Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy

This trophy is earned by taking the shiny brass bowling trophy from the fireplace in the Strange Leaflet Quest.

Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy You're entitled to the "Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy" Trophy, for, er, having a brass bowling trophy. Don't think that you can just put this in your trophy case without paying, though. That's just not how it works.


  • This trophy can be obtained during the Strange Leaflet Quest. Before lighting the fireplace, examine the mantel. There will be one of several items: a carved driftwood bird, a model ship inside a bottle, a ceramic model of a small white house, a ceramic model of a small brick building, or a shiny brass bowling trophy. The bowling trophy is the only item you can pick up. Use "take trophy" to pick up the trophy; visit the Trophy Hut before ascending to purchase your trophy trophy.
  • Once you have purchased this trophy from the Trophy Hut, it will no longer appear on the mantel when you do the Strange Leaflet Quest in future ascensions. This is, thus, the only trophy with an in-game mechanical effect, other than affecting your success in the PvP trophy contest.
  • This trophy must be be purchased before ascending.


  • The image's filename, "the_dude_abides.gif", is a reference to the 1998 Coen brothers comedy film The Big Lebowski, in which bowling is featured heavily. The last thing said in the film by Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski (portrayed by Jeff Bridges) is "Yeah, well... The Dude abides."
  • If you look at the trophy while you are still in the leaflet, it is described as being engraved with the name "Malachi". This is a reference to the Stephen Lynch song "Bowling Song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God)", off of his album "Superhero".