Brainwave-controlled unicorn horn

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brainwave-controlled unicorn horn
brainwave-controlled unicorn horn

This is a unicorn horn, a headband, and a set of electrodes to connect to your temples. If you've ever wanted to express emotions by how rigid or soft one of your appendages is, and you also want that appendage to be on your head, you're in luck!

The horn is currently totally deflated.

Type: hat
Power: 10
Outfit: Animelf Apparel
  (3 items)

Cannot be discarded

Maximum HP/MP +20
Enables Friendship. And Goring.

(In-game plural: brainwave-controlled unicorn horns)
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Item number: 5928
Description ID: 298286476
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Uncle Crimboku's Futuristic Trailer (70 plastic ingots and 50 electrical thingamabobs)


  • When worn in combat, inflates 5% each time you win a fight.
You hear a whirring as your unicorn horn begins to inflate. Yeah!
Your unicorn horn becomes slightly more inflated as a result of your increasing confidence and pride. Yay!
Your unicorn horn squeaks as it fills to capacity. You feel great!
  • When inflated, the last line of the description changes accordingly:
The horn is currently X% inflated.
The horn is currently 100% inflated!
  • With greater than 0% inflation, allows you to use the combat skill Uni-Gore (0 MP), which does physical damage (? 90 - 287 - ?, more at higher inflation percentages?) and completely deflates the horn.
  • The horn also deflates if you are Beaten Up, or if combat is ended due to reaching the round limit.
Your unicorn horn shrivels in shame.


  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic centers around a unicorn who discovers the magic of friendship. (Un)fortunately, their horns are too blunt for effective impaling.
  • Also a parody of Necomimi, which are brainwave-controlled wiggling cat ears.

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