Box of old Crimbo decorations

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box of old Crimbo decorations
box of old Crimbo decorations

This is a box of old Crimbo decorations you forgot you had. It's the typical mishmash of childrens' school projects, novelty ornaments you thought were funny when you were younger, gifts from people who didn't know you well enough to give you anything other than a Crimbo decoration as a gift...

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Lets you give your Crimbo Shrub new decorations each day

(In-game plural: boxes of old Crimbo decorations)
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Item number: 7958
Description ID: 114808402
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Obtained From

Crimbo Shrub

When Used

First time per day:

Radiobutton.png Veiny Star -- Muscle-heavy stat gains
Radiobutton.png LED Mandala -- Mysticality-heavy stat gains
Radiobutton.png Angel With Sunglasses -- Moxie-heavy stat gains

Radiobutton.png Rainbow-Colored Lights -- Deals prismatic damage
Radiobutton.png Actual Candles -- Deals Hot damage
Radiobutton.png Frosted Lights -- Deals Cold damage
Radiobutton.png Really Old Lights -- Deals Stench damage
Radiobutton.png Jack-o-Lantern Lights -- Deals Spooky damage
Radiobutton.png Blacklights -- Deals Sleaze damage

Radiobutton.png Gauze Ribbons -- Restores Hit Points after combat
Radiobutton.png Barbed Wire -- Grants occasional PvP fights
Radiobutton.png Popcorn Strands -- Prevents monsters from attacking

Radiobutton.png Big Yellow-Wrapped Presents -- Blast foes into oblivion
Radiobutton.png Big Red-Wrapped Presents -- Filled with Meat!
Radiobutton.png Piles of Tiny Presents -- Exchange random gifts with other players!



After changing decorations:

Your Crimbo Shrub coos softly as you adjust his decorations.

Subsequent times per day after:

You're not in the mood to decorate the shrub again. Wait until next Crimbo. I mean... until tomorrow.


  • The box of old Crimbo decorations is dropped by the Crimbo Shrub when it is first placed into your Terrarium or when selecting it as your active familiar for the first time in an ascension.
  • Only one selection from each decoration type may be selected at a time, and decorations as a whole may be changed once per day.
  • At the start of a new Ascension, the Topper defaults to main stat gains, and the other decorations have their options randomly selected. Decorations may still be changed on this day.