Box of bear arms

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box of bear arms
box of bear arms

This is a box labeled "SURPLUS BEAR ARMS (2)." It kinda makes you wonder what somebody needed these for in the first place, much less why they would end up with extra ones.


Beararm right.gif
right bear arm

Beararm left.gif
left bear arm
  • Also while a Zombie Slayer
    The box is surrounded by a really unpleasant smell, and it's leaking some sort of green fluid.

    Type: usable
    Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: box of bear armss)
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Item number: 5790
Description ID: 424762876
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Obtained From

Using a left bear arm when the right bear arm is unequipped.
Zombie Slayer Challenge Path
Dawn of the D'oh (if you had repacked arms before ascending)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

You upend the box and dump it out. Turns out they weren't kidding -- there really were two bear arms in there.
Beararm right.gifYou acquire an item: right bear arm
Beararm left.gifYou acquire an item: left bear arm


  • September 2012's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Contains two bear arms, which give you the right to attack things with a variety of bear puns.
  • You don't have to pull this item in Zombie Slayer runs, you get it automatically if you own it when you get the rake.


See Also

Skills and bonuses granted by bear arms
Granted by right bear arm +10% Muscle, Weapon Damage +30%
Kodiak Moment Auto-hitting attack, auto-crits with left bear arm. Zombie: Spooky+Stench damage
Grizzly Scene Damages monster for 50% of their current HP
Granted by left bear arm +10% Muscle, Maximum HP +30, 10 Damage Reduction
Bear-Backrub Restores HP based on level, stuns with right bear arm
Bear-ly Legal Delevels by 20%; gain 50-70 Meat
When wielding both
Bear Hug Attacks, delevels and heals; as a Zombie Master: Insta-zombifies enemy instead (10 times per day)
Applause once per day: 10 turns of The Applause That Refreshes (all stats +10, +3 stats per fight)


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box of bear arms
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