Box of Dweebs

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box of Dweebs
box of Dweebs

This is a box of Dweebs, the candy for nerds. It's got this elaborate papercraft puzzle you have to solve to even get the box open, the ingredients list is encrypted (just for fun) and the maze printed on the back can only be solved via 4-dimensional calculus. And it's two flavors in one, so it appeals to Melvins and dorks!

Type: potion
Selling Price: 15 Meat.
Effect: Dweeby (15 Adventures)Mysticality +15

(In-game plural: boxes of Dweebs)
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Item number: 6834
Description ID: 449530455
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Obtained From

Trick or Treat!
Some Dweeb

When Used

You rip open the box and eat all the Dweebs. It's a lot like eating plain old packets of sugar.
Dweebs.gifYou acquire an effect: Dweeby
(duration: 15 Adventures)


  • The name of this item is a play on Nerds candies.
  • A Nerds-related candy named Dweebs was once produced in the real world.
  • Vorthos and Melvin are two player archetypes in Magic: the Gathering. While a Vorthos is more concerned with the "flavors" of the story, Melvin is more concerned with game mechanics (such as papercraft puzzles.)


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