Bowl of Scorpions

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Bowl of Scorpions
Bowl of Scorpions

This is not actually a bowl of scorpions. It's a big bowl filled with a large quantity of fruity cocktail and a small quantity of scorpion venom -- definitely not enough to kill four people but enough to kill at least one of any three people. As such, it is recommended that you drink it with at least three other people, and that you only have one. Ever.

Type: booze (crappy)
Potency: 8
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 150 Meat.

(In-game plural: Bowls of Scorpions)
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Item number: 6681
Description ID: 398920787
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Obtained From

The Hidden Tavern (500 Meat)

When Consumed

You drink the poisoned drink. Luckily, you have the metabolic fortitude of at least five normal people, so the drink does not kill you. It also does not prioritize quality over quantity.
AdventuresYou gain 5-6 Adventures. (avg. 5.5)
You lose 20-40 Strengthliness.
You lose 10-20 Magicalness.
You lose 20-40 Roguishness.
Poison.gifYou acquire an effect: Really Quite Poisoned
(duration: 10 Adventures)
You gain 8 Drunkenness.


  • Encountering a drunk pygmy with this in inventory will use up the item (and win you the fight without taking a turn).


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