Bowl Sideways

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Bowl Sideways

Bowl Sideways

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

Carom your cosmic bowling ball willy-nllly around the area.

Hurt and anger monsters in the area

Source: cosmic bowling ball
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
When Used:
You scream like a lunatic and hurl your cosmic bowling ball sideways. It starts ricocheting wildly around the area.


  • At the start of each subsequent combat in the same area (including from noncombat-sourced combats) where the skill was used and until the ball returns, deals damage with the message:
Your cosmic bowling ball bounces off a nearby rock and then off your opponent's <shoulder> for X damage. Ouch. It looks pretty ticked off.
  • Damage dealt is approximately 55% - 65% of the monster's max HP, with no apparent limit. Seems to do less damage with increased Monster Level modifiers. This does count as physical damage for the purpose of resistance.
  • In addition, the base stat gain (including +ML gains) from each monster affected is increased by 50%.
    • It seems that +stats gained from volleyball-type familiars is also multiplied, but not other +stat enchantments. This also stacks with stat multiplier effects such as Feel Pride.
    • If the monster is changed, you will not get the 50% stat gain multiplier.
  • Has no effect on most bosses such as Ed the Undying which do not inhabit an actual zone, even if you run away and return after using the skill.