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How close does it track the week? Is it a Sunday-Sunday thing? Per day? Hour, minute, second?

bottled day
bottled day

This little glass bottle contains an entire day's worth of time.

It will give you 100 Adventures and be consumed when it is used. It can't be used in Ronin or Hardcore, and you can't use more than one of them in a week.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: bottled days)
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Item number: 7496
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Completing a Slow and Steady challenge path run (while Slow and Steady was still the active challenge path)

When Used

  • When used in Ronin or Hardcore:
You can't use this item in Ronin or Hardcore or on the Slow and Steady path.
  • When used twice in a week:
  • Otherwise:
You open the bottle and inhale the entire day.
AdventuresYou gain 100 Adventures.


  • Presumably, this item may not be used even after Ronin restrictions have been lifted for a player on the Slow and Steady path.
  • It was revealed on the forums that the bottled day will stop dropping after Slow and Steady has stopped being the active challenge path on August 15, 2014, even if you started the ascension before that date.


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