Bottle of rhinoceros hormones

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bottle of rhinoceros hormones
bottle of rhinoceros hormones

This is a bottle of rhinoceros hormones (just like it says on the label). The Frat Orcs used to spray it under their armpits in the hopes of attracting cute co-eds, but mainly all they attracted was horny rhinoceroses (get it? horny?), so now they just inject it into their muscles to make them stronger.

Type: potion
Effect: 'Roids of the Rhinoceros (10 Adventures)Muscle +100
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: bottles of rhinoceros hormones)
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Obtained From

Orcish Frat House
Sand in the Vaseline (occurs while Lucky!)

When Used

You grab a discarded syringe out of a nearby pile of medical waste, wipe it off on your shirt (safety first!) and then load it up with the rhino hormones.

Then you find a baseball player to inject it into your buttocks for you.

Strboost.gifYou acquire an effect: 'Roids of the Rhinoceros
(duration: 10 Adventures)



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