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Simply put, a bot is anything that automates the actions of a player. In addition to automating tasks like adventuring, there are bots that provide a wide variety of services, such as automatically selling buffs, cooking, chatting, rolling dice, and regulating games.

Types of Bots

Auto-Adventure Bot

This type of bot automates a player's adventuring. This can be done via a repeater script, or an application such as KoLmafia.

For more information, see Tools.


A buffbot is a bot that sells buffs to other player. Each buff is usually associated with a certain amount of meat. Some buffbots offer free buffs, while others offer buffs for trivial amounts of meat.

Working Public Buffbots

  • Buffy (#1889009) is a free The Clan of Meat and Loathing buffbot with a web interface; it will also accept requests via KMail and private messaging.
  • Djinni_CGC (#609579) is a Cool Guy Crew buffbot.
  • FLESH PUPPET (#2904195) is a free Guardians of the Six Pack buffbot that accepts requests via private messaging.
  • Noblesse Oblige (#594822) is a Noblesse Oblige buffbot that features buff packages and philanthropic buffs.
  • Testudinata (#537858) is an Otori buffbot that features buff packages and philanthropic buffs.
    • Binary (#322696) is Testudinata's backup, for a handful of buffs that didn't exist when Testudinata was created.
  • SevenLances_com (#950139) is a buffbot that features buff packages and philanthropic buffs.
  • HeartBot (#2194425) is a free Ferengi Commerce Authority buffbot it accepts requests via private messaging that features a customizable buff package. Currently defunct.
  • IocaineBot (#792443) is an Iocaine Powder buffbot that features buff packages and philanthropic buffs. Currently defunct.

For more information, see Buffbots.


A chatbot is, generically, a bot that responds in chat to commands given in chat.

  • chatbot (#142302) is easily the most famous bot in the kingdom. Among many other things, she rolls dice, announces radio songs in /radio, and responds to certain lines in open chat.
  • smashbot (#1533476) can also roll dice.
  • Cookiebot (#2504960) can roll dice and do other things.
  • Gogobot (#2802337) can roll dice and do other things.
  • sneegleeb (#2840105) can shake dice and do other things.
  • b0t (#3035288) can roll dice and do other things.


A clanbot attempts to automate clan features.

Occasional uses for clanbots include announcing arrivals, exits, and ascensions, automatically attacking other clans in clan warfare, logging chat, relaying forum posts, and recording leaderboards.

An "anti-looter bot" takes out and stores all items in a clan's stash; an outside-KoL web interface is used by a clan member to withdraw items from the bot. This gives a clan customized control over the clan's stash and how its contents are distributed.



A faxbot is a bot which will deliver any of a wide variety of monsters to your clan's Fax Machine, provided that it's whitelisted first.

  • FaxBot (#2194132) focuses on ascension relevant monsters, but has an extensive range of monsters from limited time content as well. It has by far the biggest collection of monsters right now. Inactive as of July 5th, 2015, however, both Easyfax and faustbot gained access to all of the clans in its fax network. Inactive as of April 27, 2016.
  • Easyfax (#2504737) has no repository of Fax Machines; instead, it simply uses the Fax Machines of all clans that whitelist it as its repository. As such, its selection shifts over time, but it generally offers a mix of monsters from limited time content and IOTM content, as well as a few ascension relevant monsters from regular content.
  • faustbot (#2504770) focuses on monsters from limited time content and IOTM content. Inactive as of April 25, 2016.
  • Cheesefax (#3038166) is a relatively new faxbot. Inactive as of October 10, 2023.
  • OnlyFax (#3690803) is a 2024ish new faxbot hosted by loathers] and is open source. It hangs out in the clan "Bonus Adventures From Hell" and will respond to Zatara requests with beer, robin, and thin. It can also handle Monster requests by ID and as well as handle ambiguous monsters that share the same name, but are several different monsters.

It is a common misconception that running a Faxbot would require a VIP key for every account in its network. It is instead build up with one bot owning a VIP key and several accounts to keep up one clan each, all furnished with a single Fax Machine in their VIP Lounges.


A gamebot is a bot which runs a type of game, which may or may not involve gambling. The existence of these bots had a hand in the creation of the Money Making Game, as less scrupulous player-run bots would rise up if the MMG was ever removed.


A mallbot is a bot whose main function is to monitor mall prices. Mallbots may try to play the market by buying and selling items in an attempt to make meat.
A mallbot that goes beyond the searching-only directive is more accurately called a "buybot".
Some mallbots can be used to look up the cheapest selling price of an item in the mall by messaging them.

Pulverizing Bot

A pulverizing bot smashes or combines items for players who do not have the Pulverize skill or access to The Malus of Forethought.


A shorebot was a type of bot that would check player profiles to determine which players were adventuring at the shore (their adventures would be rapidly decreasing by 3). The public profile page used to update live, rather than once a day at rollover. PvPers could then use the information to attack other PvPers who were shoring; they would do this because most players are not buffed when they are shoring, as buffs do not affect the shoring results.

Shorebots would "hammer" on player profiles, which increased lag; so, the profile pages were changed to update only once a day. Jick's rant on the shorebots is considered one of the most infamous moments in radio history.


A spambot is used to mass message players via chat and/or messaging, usually in an attempt to recruit members for a clan, begz0r for meat, or be a jackass. This usually leads to a lot of baleeting and a possible account disabling.

A positive use of a spambot is called a "Mass-Messaging Bot" or a "Giftbot". This type of bot is used to distribute meat and/or items to other players via messaging or gifts.

Miscellaneous Bots

  • botticelli (#1699424) is a bot that can return time's arrows.
  • Haiku Oracle (#464776), brought to you by The Blues, is a multi-purpose bot that operates in /haiku. For more information, /msg Haiku_Oracle help.
  • HeartBot (#2194425) brought to you by Ferengi Commerce Authority Multiple bots including Buffbot, StuffyBot, HookahBot, WangBot, ArrowBot, SpiderBot and others. Currently defunct.
  • itembot (#1262390) is a bot that sells many items available from NPC stores at a discount. Transactions are carried out by KMailing a designated amount of meat, in much the same way as buffbots operate. For more information, see itembot's profile or Display Case.
  • kBay (#1430540) is a bot by Turias that ran auctions via KMail; there is a related website that lists current auctions in an eBay style. Shut down as of February 1st, 2014.
  • sellbot (#1053259) is an automated selling bot. After opening a trading account with the bot, players can send it items via KMail, and the bot will sell those items in the Mall, The Flea Market, or in the case of gift items, sell them in its Display Case. sellbot takes a cut of the profits, including any applicable listing prices from the Flea Market. Much of the interaction with sellbot is via chat, including a free pricing service, which keeps track of current mall price ranges. For more information, see sellbot's profile or Display Case.
  • SignBot (#2565553) was created in response to The Confiscator's Grimoire: it will tell people who PM it if someone has used a "KICK ME" sign on them, and will use rubber spiders on people who kmail it one. Currently defunct.
  • TrustBot (#824385) is a bot run by CDMoyer; it is similar to the old repbot. See TrustBot's profile for more information and a link to the current trust rankings. Currently defunct.
  • TortureBot (#3495347) is a bot that buys volcano gold for 20.5k meat, and sells for 21k meat.
  • zlh (#3683342) will reply to Zatara requests from clan "Bonus Adventures from Hell" with beer, robin, and thin. Complaints, etc. to pachinkoid (#43130).
  • Floundry (#3590187) runs a clan called "Floundry" which has a Floundry it keeps stocked and free of charge to use. Requires an initial one-time purchase of Casino Pass from its store for 10k for legacy reasons.
  • ASSBot (#3562551) is a Hobopolis cagebot which will sit in a CHUM cage while players crawl through the sewers. Send it "status" or "Cage <Clan>" to get started.

Creating a Bot

Some bots can be implemented via small scripts, while others are complex applications.

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