Boris's key

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Boris's key
Boris's key

This is the key to the Shrine of Boris, in the Dugeoneer's Association in the Big Mountains. It's made of steel. Strong steel. Steel you can trust.

(Cooking ingredient)
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Boris's keys)
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Item number: 282
Description ID: 893993624
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Obtained From

The Dungeoneer's Association Vending Machine (1 fat loot token)
Cosmic Ray's Bazaar (1 fat loot token; Kingdom of Exploathing path only)
Key Key
The Key Takeaway
Boris's key lime pie
Lock Picking
Deck of Every Card
Draw a Card (XVI - The Tower)
Starting an Avatar of Boris run.




  • Became a Quest item when NS13 was rolled out.


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If you don't already possess all three keys to The Dungeoneers' Association's gates, then zapping any item in this group will give you a key you don't have.