Bone with a price tag on it

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How soon exactly does it drop? Can one get it in other parts of the Knob?

bone with a price tag on it
bone with a price tag on it

This is a bone with a price tag still on it. Maybe it's one of Minnie Pearl's bones?

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: bone with a price tag on its)
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Item number: 8158
Description ID: 517247442
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Obtained From

Outskirts of Cobb's Knob
One-time drop after random successful combat, if the Helping Make Ends Meat quest hasn't been accepted yet

When Used

Without skeleton store unlocked:

You read the tag on the bone. Apparently it was purchased (or stolen, knowing these goblin jerks) from a place called 'The Skeleton Store' in Market Square of Seaside Town. You jot down the address and toss the bone to a nearby dog with a price tag on it, who buries it.
New Area Unlocked
Skelstore.gifThe Skeleton Store, in Market Square.

With skeleton store unlocked:

You read the tag. This bone was apparently stolen from that Skeleton Store by one of these Knob Goblin delinquents. You head in that direction, intending to return it, but you accidentally trip and drop it down a well. Oh... well...


  • A hat with a price tag hanging from it was a permanent element of Minnie Pearl's stage outfit.