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Pretty much everything.

The Bodyguard is one of Ed's servants.


  • Level 1: Prevents enemy attacks
  • Level 7: Attacks enemies
  • Level 14: Attacks enemies even when guarding
  • Level 21: Teaches you how to defend yourself

Combat Messages

  • Preventing an attack:
    Your opponent steps forward to attack, but <name> intercedes and shoves him backwards.
    As your foe moves toward you, <name> grabs him by the scruff of the neck and shoves him away.
    <name> stands in front of you and growls at your opponent, who hesitates nervously.
  • Attacking:
    <name> slams <it|one of them> in the head with his massive bronze-gauntleted fist, for X damage.
    <name> belts your opponent in the gut for X damage.
    <name> viciously headbutts your foe, causing X damage.
  • After Combat, gaining a level:
    <name> levels up, and flexes his muscles a little.
  • After Combat, gaining an ability:
    "Hoo-ah!" he shouts. Looks like he's learned a new ability!


  • Attacks every round.
  • The Level 14 ability is not required for the Bodyguard to attack and prevent an attack in the same round.

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